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Experience Unparalleled Care at Our Family Home

At Dogs Paws First, we're not just a dog watching service; we're a home away from home for your beloved pet. Nestled in the charming village of Bothwell, our facility is a haven for dogs from all across the West of Scotland. Whether you're occupied for a day at work, planning a weekend getaway, or gearing up for a longer holiday, our bespoke services are tailored to fit your needs and schedule.

Meet Our Furry Family

Our home is graced by the presence of two cockapoos, Nala and Kiara (a delightful mother-daughter duo), and a spirited Lhasa Apso named Simba. They're not just pets; they're our family. And when your dog stays with us, they become part of this loving family too.

A Safe Haven for Relaxation and Fun

Your dog's comfort and happiness are our top priorities. Dogs Paws First offers more than just a stay; we provide an experience. Your pet will enjoy ample space to relax, exercise, and socialise in a secure and nurturing environment. We pride ourselves on treating every dog as if they were our own, ensuring they receive the utmost care and attention.

Tailored Grooming Services

  • Tailored Nutrition Plans: We adhere to the specific dietary routine and preferences you set for your dog, ensuring they receive the same nutrition and care they get at home.
  • Bespoke Service Commitment: Our approach to your dog's nutrition is highly personalized, reflecting our commitment to bespoke service tailored to each dog's unique needs.


Your dog’s health and wellbeing is of the utmost importance to us and so we do a thorough check on vaccinations they have had including kennel cough vaccination, boosters, worming, and flea and tick treatment.

Please note that these must be up to date and administered before commencement of care.

This ensures that your dog is protected as well as the other dogs it will be playing with both inside and out the home. We will also assess your dog to ensure that it does not show aggressive behaviour towards our dogs or those in our care as we want to ensure that there is harmony and peace in the home and garden as well as fun..

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About Us


With all that activity going on, we believe that some quiet times should be part of their day and to help them relax, music is played and cuddles dished out – it’s a dog’s life!!!


When it comes to nutrition we don’t believe in overdosing your dogs with treats except as rewards for good behaviour and obedience. You bring the food that you want them to eat and advise us of your routine- we will keep to that. It’s a bespoke service.

  • Customised Meal Plans: Strict adherence to your dog's dietary routine, ensuring consistent and familiar nutrition.
  • Reward-Based Treat Policy: Treats are used exclusively as rewards for positive behaviour and obedience.
  • Personalised Nutritional Care: Focusing on your pet's unique dietary needs and preferences for a tailored feeding experience.

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Fully Licensed and Insured

South Lanarkshire have inspected the property and granted us a home boarding and doggy day care licence. We are also fully insured. Details are available on request.

Our Location

South Lanarkshire have inspected the property and granted us a home boarding and doggy day care licence. We are also fully insured. Details are available on request.

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We understand that each dog is unique, which is why our grooming services are as diverse as our furry guests. From a simple wash and dry to a full groom,